Tithes and Offerings Through E-Transfer




We are pleased to inform you that E-Transfer has been set up for an additional way of giving your tithes and offerings to the Lindsay Seventh-day Adventist Company. 

Those who use Adventist Giving and wish to continue are free to do so.


If you wish to give your tithes and offerings via E-Transfer, please follow the instructions below:


Donor Instructions: (may differ slightly from bank to bank)


  1. Log into your bank account
  2. Select E-TRANSFER
  3. Select the account from which you want to SEND E-TRANSFER
  4. Enter the AMOUNT to transfer (tithe/offering you want to give)
  5. SELECT RECIPIENT – Enter name of recipient: example Lindsay SDA Company
  6. You can ADD it as a Payee so the name isalready in your payee list if you plan to do multipletransfers
  7. You will then have to enter the EMAIL ADDRESS:   lindsaytreasurer@adventistontario.org
  8. VERY IMPORTANT - FILL OUT THE MESSAGESECTION with specific detailed info to let the treasurer know how you would like to designate the  funds:
  • Please use specific accounts (e.g. if women’s ministry say “local women’s ministry” or “conference women’s ministry”). DO NOT SHORTCUT THIS PROCESS
  • Include as much info as possible to ensure accuracy, proper recording and sender identification.


  1. CONTINUE  to completing yourE-TRANSFER
  2. Since the transfer is auto deposit, the secret question and password normally required won’t be needed.  Receipts will be issued as normal.



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